Industry.Net Case Analysis
Industry.Net Case Analysis
Industry.NetOctober 132014Submitted By: Group 22: Arun Balakrishnan || 13413, Vaishali Subramaniam || 13457, Shrey Gupta || 13544, Nikhil M Basheer || 13630Case AnalysisType of buyers using Industry.Net services:The service offered by is wide and attractive. These services could attract the following type of customers:Buyers who are seeking information about the products and services offered by different vendorsBuyers who are looking for a new vendor and need information about the vendorsBuyers who are bargain hunters  – looking for the cheapest buyBuyers who are interested in new product launches and eventsBuyers who are interested in trying out new demo software and toolsSustainable Growth has shown tremendous growth as a successful business to business online marketplace. They have more than 4500 sellers associated with them selling more than 9000 products. But the number of players in the e-marketplace space has increased over the years resulting in increased competition. Hence it has become important for to build a sustainable growth plan. already has service in six different sections serving various needs of a buyer. Instead of increasing the width and diluting the already existing services, it is advised to increase the depth of the services provided. On establishing a good number of loyal buyers and sellers, may increase their width. They should make the customer service provided their point of difference as all the other services currently provided can easily be adopted by the competitors. They may consider providing better search results and information apart from providing financial facilities to the buyers. The sellers maybe ranked along with the reviews from the customers which will help increase the credibility of the seller.

Stages In Industrial Buying Behavior Which are Facilitated by Industry.NetStage No.Stages in Buying BehaviourPhases accomplishedReasons1.Need Recognition2.Determination of under tools and resources, discussions and news center gives the buyer access to the latest trends in the industry, the technological developments and their performance.3.Describing the characteristics4.Search and Qualification of resourcesYesThe core purpose of this site is easy access of buyers to sellers, hence buyers can search for various sellers in the market and shortlist a few of them as per their requirement5.Acquisition and Analysis of proposalsYesThe sellers can directly send their proposals via the site6.Evaluation of proposals and vendor selection7.Selection of order routine8.Performance feedback and evaluationYesThe presence of associations and discussions help the buyer get others views on the same seller, which would also influence their feedback and evaluation of a vendor

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