Industrial Revolution – Before and After
Essay Preview: Industrial Revolution – Before and After
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Industrial Revolution- Before and After
Before the Industrial Revolution the workforce, and overall way of living was a sham. Women and children were being forced to work in hard, unbearable conditions for little wages in order to make the companies more profitable. There were no workforce policies in effect, and no employee was ever valued. Every job done was through manual labor, and back breaking work. There were no shortcuts or “easy ways around” anything.

Women and children were employed for many reasons. They could be paid a lot less, and the children could be easily controlled through threats or violence. They were also easier to force new policies upon rather than stubborn older workers. They were taken advantage of, and left to grow up in whatever industry they were forced into.

The reason all of these illegal things were happening in the factories was due to the laissez-faire approach the government decided to take. This allowed factories to run with no government policies or restrictions. This of course caused many problems such as overworking of employees, abuse, and lack of pay. This allowed factory owners to run their businesses however they felt would make them the most money, This left many employees mistreated and underpaid with nothing to be done about it.

With conditions so poor at the time, many families were forced to house together in cramped conditions. The living arraignments were always very unorganized and not certain. This of course had an affect on the children and their education, which in turn left them nothing to do but factory work. Due to the unsanitary, cramped positions, many people ( mostly children) began to get very sick, which skyrocketed the death rates to an all time high. No one knew any different than the life they were living, because everyone thought that they would eventually prosper.

However, not all results were bad. Eventually, most

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