Let It Pour
Let It Pour
Case Study Analysis
Direct and indirect communications between the patient and hospital staff are handled erroneously. As mentioned previously in the communications systems section, “tens of thousands of deaths each year” occur because of medical errors. The breakdown of communication between the medical staff in a hospital is a major contributor of medical errors. In our critical case study, a patient filed charges against the hospital for failing to provide the necessary services to his or her baby. Then, the study goes on and stated “despite our actions being in agreement with the parents’ wishes.” The words ‘agreement with the parents’ wishes’ is the communication failure. Different views or perceptions may have affected the agreement they settled on. Cultural beliefs and opinions may have also affected the parents’ viewpoint. Another communication failure in the critical case study is the initiation of the DNR or Don Not Resuscitate directives by the three staff members in the ICU. It goes on and mentions ‘no written orders to that affect existed.’

So the next question is, how do we improve the communications systems at Faith Community Hospital? Simple, effective, and efficient communications systems should be integrated to the current system. Educating staff members of these changes will provide a better communication structure. The communications systems concerning surgeries and critical operations should be handled with the highest standards because of their higher potential for medical errors. Certain fail-safe procedures should be enacted to combat the inevitable human errors. The rationale for this proposed solution is to improve the system rather than building a new communications systems that may not be successful. Another advantage of improving the current system is the amount of money the hospital will save compared to an untested system.

Where do we draw the line for unethical behaviors?

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