The God of Determination
Essay Preview: The God of Determination
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The God of Determination
By Khelben L. Morris
Zekros, the God of Determination. (He’s about as famous as Noragami, which you probably don’t know.) But let’s focus on Zekros, and let’s go back to when he was human. Back to, well, a LOOOONG time ago.

Well, here we are. B.C.E. Zekros is about to die, and- wait, wait, not far enough. Hold on. AH SHOOT! ARE YOU- Sorry, technical difficulties. Here we are. The dinosaurs were trotting- SCREW IT! WE’RE GOING TO 2.0!! So, Zekros was thinking deeply, as always, and he wondered: “Why do we continue on in life, even people like me? What gives us that extra perk, that extra pep in our step, to keep going? “ (Hours later, new scenario, don’t worry you didn’t miss anything important. Just a simple thing called a plot hole, but this should fill it.)“Eureka! EUREKA! I’VE GOT IT!! Why not take an adhesive, stick it to the back of a small scrap of a semi-flexible material, repeat those steps, and make a stack of them! Then, draw something on one piece and on the rest, draw their ever-so-slight movement! Sure, it’d be tedious, but I wasn’t socially rejected for- well, how many years? No matter! I wasn’t rejected for my knowledge to go to waste! And when they want in on the profit, it’ll be MY turn to reject THEM! Then, THEY can see how it feels to be an outcast by all. And not just that, but to be continuously humiliated and hurt by all! Well, they won’t feel it to ANYWHERE to that extent, but they will feel the slight sting of rejection. But how to make it move… OH! I’VE GOT IT!!!! If I use my index finger as a fulcrum and I use my thumb to hold down the scrap and let one go one at a time, but in a rapid motion, and also hold the other end with my index finger and thumb, would it- (He tries it and succeeds)- YES!!! I’VE MADE A REVOLUTIONARY CONTRAPTION!!! THIS ABSOLUTELY INGENIOUS!!!”

Ahh, it always feels nice to see succession. Although you can’t see it, hopefully you can visualize it. Well, Zekros gets busy and makes as many as he can and with all different varieties. The only one he sold it to was his mother, as the others who came by said revolting and infuriating things to him and tore them all up, with all to witness, but no one to help. Instead, they laughed at him or joined in on either fighting him, or ripping and/or incinerating his artwork, and usually it was both. He knew this would happen. Why wouldn’t it? He was known to have, and this is a good one, diarrhea out of the mouth? He could only assume that he was thought of an idiot that thought he knew better than all. So he did his usual: make him lunch, a large one at that, write in his journal, and continue without pain, for this was nearly daily. And yet, surprisingly, he was never broken down by society, even though the persona he has chosen has almost been enough to have him consider suicide. No worries though, for he knows that would end his fight with society.

Well, after a week, he was back at it. But this time, he decided to go to the neighboring city, where it was calmer. He made some profit, but still didn’t have much luck, for as we all know, rumors spread like wildfire. The same was repeated, but not as harsh. But this time, someone came to help! Her name was… I forgot, sorry. Any way, they became friends, and had many interests that were common. Soon, Zekros wanted a bit more, for she was popular and had many people that wanted the same.

But he felt like he had a deeper connection, and he wished that she felt the same. Alas, he didn’t have the courage or the popularity level to attempt. If only there were no bounds on him and he would actually get a chance to express his remorse for all the despicable things he did. If only he weren’t constantly separated and soliciting himself thinking he is the scum of earth, and were able to express his feeling without either being hurt, him not being humiliated and her being shamed for stooping so low on the level of idiotic trash, and if they were both able to be happy together

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