Coach Inc. Case
Analysis: Coach Inc.
To make business success, we need to make the business strategic plan by analyzing all relevant factors of our business. According to Coachs case, I have put my idea into 2 sections. In first section of company analysis, I used the strategic diagnosis, 4Ps and SWOT as my tools of business analysis. Second part would be my idea about the companys problem and recommendation.

Section1: Company Analysis
The characteristic of Luxury goods industries
As per the definition of luxury goods, they are products or services that are not necessary for living. People buy luxury goods due to their affection on that product. Therefore, the characteristic of this industry is the high quality and styling of the product. Further, a premium services and the outlets ambiences are also important for making buyers feel that they are privileged.

The effect on industry attractiveness and the change of market
In this case, there are some global environment that changing the market of luxury goods which are:
The increasing of income and wealth in developing countries in Eastern Europe and Asia make the significant growth on demand of luxury goods.
The research shown that there are an increasing in demand on luxury good in middle-income consumers. That was probably due to the hardship of a two-income household that made them spoil themselves with luxury goods.

The effectiveness of advertises and television program is impact on the increasing of demand of this market.
From the changing of global

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