Baning Smoking
Essay Preview: Baning Smoking
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Since scientist discovered that tobacco related to a number of health problems, an increasing number of people have called for banning smoking. It is undeniable that there are still a lot of smokers in this world. As one of most controversial issue in the world, people remain different opinions. Some people claim that using tobacco has brought several social problems and smoking should be banned. While others think that smoking is an individual behaviour and good for them, government should not intervene their private habit too much. I would like to examine the advantages and disadvantages of smoking cigarettes in this essay.

There are some advantages to taking tobacco. First, tobacco industry makes a great proportion of revenue to the country. Extremely high taxation are imposed on producing tobacco and cigarette manufacturing has released the financial burden for both government and individual taxpayer generation by generation. If government prohibit smoking, nations are no longer to get those benefit from tobacco industry and also it will cause some other problems, such as unemployment. Second, some smokers has confirmed that smoking has effect of stoothing, particularly for those people who have hard-brain-working jobs are in favor of it. They claim that smoking cigarettes can make them calm and stimulate their brain to work more efficiently. Finally, cigarettes play an important role in social activities. It brings people together, makes people meet differet people and make more friends.

On the other hand, smoking have a lot of negative effects. Initially, smoking may bring takers a number of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, high pressure, etc. Second-hand smoking also does harm to peopleЎЇs health. Moreover, hatred of non-smokers always go against with smokers, so some conflicts happen frequently. And also some statistics show that thousands of fire accidents worldwide occur each year due to the litter of non-extinguished cigarette ends, not to mention the related deaths and losses. Last but not least, expenses have to be taken consideration. Fine cigarettes are not cheap. If people get addicted to them, the daily amount of taking cigarette will increase, emptying your pocket money.

After all, so far no direct evidence has been provided that smoking can definitely

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