Education Industry
The Industry that we have selected for our project is the Education Industry. In recent times, with the increasing exposure to globalization, education industry has seen a manifold increase compared to the last decade. This growth has led to opening of many schools and colleges imparting vocational and professional degree courses. Thus, keeping in mind the increasing need of quality education in small towns and cities across India, we have planned to open a college by name- ADVANCED SCHOOL OF ADVANCED STUDIES in Sonepat, Haryana.

History of the Institute
Sonepat is a small district in Haryana, surrounding north-west Delhi and which has a population of around 2 lakhs.
In spite of being home to some of the best talents, the city lacked a center for quality education.
Thus, keeping in mind this need, in 2009, a group of IMT Nagpur alumni grabbed the opportunity and started the institute called Advanced School of Advanced Studies (ASAS) to cater to the needs of semi-urban and urban areas of Sonepat and Outer Delhi.

The college was opened with the objective of enabling students to acquire the needed competitive edge and thus, make them industry-fit.
What Does ASAS Offer?
On conducting a survey among the students it was found that students were satisfied with the education that was provided upto standard 12. However, beyond that, students has two options- either move away from home to nearby bigger cities for further education or compromise with the available handful opportunities in some small colleges at Sonepat itself.

Also on enquiring further, we found that there was a dire need of graduate level professional courses like Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

And, after the completion of these graduate level courses, there will be need arising for post graduate courses like Master of Computer Application (MCA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Thus, as part of our first step, we plan to offer the above mentioned courses

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