Life on the Crossroads
Essay Preview: Life on the Crossroads
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#1:10 #IMT Nagpur #First post_in_making #high_on_emotionsLife on the crossroadsWould you ever know which path is taking you where?There are times in our life when we have to take hardest decisions in our life, and it’s when we find ourselves in the state of chaos and makes our choices and priorities hardest to make.And its then when we have to make a choice between what is easy and what is right.What is even more tough is to discover what lies in our conscience. Also, the thought of being judged by the people is the another limiting factor which stops us from listening to our heart. Lets look at the times when we all pass through these crossroads..and we don’t have a choice.-In life when we let go the people/ dreams, not because we want to, but one has to.-When one has to go against your loved ones who made you who you are today, and prove one’s worth.-Going against the rules and ethics of the society-When you know that you deserve more but you settle for less. You fight in between the greed and satiety. And decide to accept the less with compassion.- When we agree with what is in front of our eyes and our heart doesn’t want to.-Becoming stranger with someone you have known for too long. And has to go through the pain of silence and solitude.-The choice of walking away or trying harder.It’s true we don’t know much about life, and we never will, but catch is to win it, even with whatever little you know of it.

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