Improvement Strategies and Tools
Essay Preview: Improvement Strategies and Tools
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Improvement Strategies and Tools
Upon review of the improvement strategies and tools, some of the suggestions recommended for improvement are helpful. The areas for improvement are ordering materials, customer specific molds, mixing errors, proper machine set up for molding, and improper trimming.

The first improvement suggestion would be incorrect materials ordered. The suggestion for improvement was providing a checklist to all employees. With the check lists the person responsible for ordering materials can order the materials on the list needed. The check list would be beneficial to the individual responsible for ordering materials so he or she does not have to rely on their memory. An attribute control chart would be beneficial to the company over time. The chart will provide information on whether the check list is working to improve the ordering of materials.

The second area of improvement is molds meeting customer drawings. This is an important area for improvement. The suggestion for improvement is using a checklist to compare the customers drawings to the work instructions. The recommendation I would give is using a check sheet not a check list. The reason for a check sheets is for the person responsible to have the opportunity to analyze and collect data from the customers drawing. Information collected on the drawings can be collected and recorded. The chart will provide information on whether the improvement method is working or if there is a change in the process that needs to be made.

The next suggestion for improvement would be the proper mixing of resins. The improvement suggestion is controlling the errors by operators signing on and off of the mixing operations. Asking the operators to sign on and off mixing resins is a great way to track where the mixing errors occur. By signing on and off the individual responsible is providing he or she is the responsible party at a specific time. Over time the information is tracked and the person responsible for reoccurring errors can be dealt with. Attribute data in the control chart can collect the number of times one may have an error or how many times one may not sign in or out and the appropriate measures can be handled.

Another area for improvement is correctly setting up the machines for injection molding. The suggestion for improvement is using a checklist as a part of the set up process. Before any production begins a proper check list should be used to ensure proper set up and production. Another suggestion in this area is requiring the operators to sign on and off of the machines. This is another suggestion for improvement that would be beneficial. The individuals are responsible for his or her work and this information can easily be tracked with a control chart. It is important the machines are up and running properly. Signing in and out along with a checklist prior to production can ensure the machines are running properly and the person responsible for running the machine is held responsible for his or her performance.

The final area for improvement would be improper trimming of the product. The suggestion for improvements is creating workmanship standards, using an attribute control chart, and auditing scrap with each shift. An attribute

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