Childish Creativity
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Childish Creativity
As a child, one is not hampered on their ideas. If an impractical idea arises, then the case is to simply accept it since the idea stemmed from a childs mind. The practice of thinking inside the box has not been forced into the youngs mind and ideas are free to flow at any given time. As adults, this is unfortunately not the case.

When adults have to set their creative minds in gear, the first thing they do is think about practicality. The function, design, and overall acceptance of any idea play a huge factor in the decisive process on whether to reject or run with a thought. Society has hindered the ability to think outside the box. There are limitations and guidelines assumed and set forth to provide a structure in which one must follow with excruciating detail. This idea of people thinking outside the typical norm is struck down and discouraged. What adults are trained to think is restricted by what is typical or normal. If children are praised for their creativeness and out-of-the-ordinary ideas, adults should be able to assume the same guidelines; however, this is not the case.

In a world where creativity is lacking and the next best idea might be one that is only dreamt, people must fight to make every dream a reality. Adults need to step away from the restrictions placed on them by such a broken atmosphere and put pen to paper, drawing and mapping out dreams that very well might become reality. In most cases, some of the worlds greatest accomplishments were derived from mere dreams a person or group of persons had. Brainstorming and never throwing out ideas will produce some of the worlds next best things. Dreams are not futile, nor are should they be assumed as misguided fairy-tale. Creative minds will shape future society and deliver useful ideas.

As an adult, it is not enough to conform to practicality and standards. It is the responsibility of society to recollect childhood mindsets and to step away from the fear of creating something that might be outside the borders of practical development in the world today. Without childish creativity, some of the worlds best ideas would never have been recognized.

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