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Cathy Independent         Money is vital. All people need money to live in this world, so we all crave for it. As for me however, there are more important things than money and these are the reasons why I disagree with the statement that says the most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns.         First of all, job us something you get after studying what you want to study. But when you get a job different with what you wanted to do because of more pay, you might lose what you have studied. For example, it would be a story of my aunt. She graduated from Psychology in a University in Korea. But for her to earn more money she got a job in a Big company as a Marketing Manager. She still tells me that she regrets abandoning her dream above her greed for wealth and money. In view of this, I think we all should follow our heart not money and wealth.

Next, Passions cannot be valued by money. We all have the thing inside our heart that makes us passionate. But sometimes we ignore it because we see the reality. For example, I am a psychology student who just entered college. For me I have my vision after graduating psychology major, but my father wants me to take courses like Business or Marketing for a stable job and guaranteed future. At first, this annoyed me a lot because it made me confused. But now, I am more sure and confident to follow my vision and passion.         In conclusion, the most important thing for a person in job is not money. There are many vital things, but I think following our passions and our hears is the most important thing.

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