Prepare for Hurricane
Prepare for Hurricane
Over the last few years Florida has had many Hurricanes. Thank God they havent resulted in that many casualties. Casualties can be avoided though, if everyone followed the National Hurricane Centers instructions on how to prepare for a hurricane than many of those casualties can be prevented. Its isnt that hard to be prepared for a hurricane, there are only a few supplies needed and it only costs a few dollars for what you need, Personally I would rather spend a few dollars on supplies than have to spend thousands of dollars for hospital bills or worse death.

One of the most important things in a hurricane is food and water. A healthy person can only go with out food or water for only a couple days. Sometimes if your surrounding area got hit hard by the hurricane than food or water may not be available for many days or even weeks. It is much easier just to stock up on food and water than it is to rummage around after the storm for it. It is recommended that there is enough water for 1 gallon of water per person per day, and for food use good judgment and dont starve yourself but dont stock up on food that takes electricity to cook because the power may be out for up to two or three weeks.

Another important thing to do to prepare for a hurricane is prepare your house for the storm. Pick up any loose objects

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