Finding Nemo
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Finding Nemo
The most important part of the journey is the journey itself. The film Finding Nemo is one such type of film which portrays this concept through the incorporation of camera techniques, dialogues and themes to represent this particular concept.

The theme friendship is portrayed through the many adventures and death defying dangers that Marlin went throughout with Dory e.g. when they were stuck with the jelly fish Marlin said ” hey listen to me Dory lets play a game” to Dory and with the trust of her new found friend she trusted and said “ok” in return. This particular scene had electrifying music set to it while a dolly camera effect was taken place to capture the exhilarating moment showing that they were having great fun the lighting was bright showing the many colours of happiness in the scene the facial expressions were enraging with delight of racing through the jelly fish. But when Dory didnt get out Marlin for the love of their friendship raced in the school of jellyfish and revived Dory almost dying himself this proves that the friend ship between dory and Marlin. The most important part of the journey is the journey itself is shown in this extract through the friendships that were made through the journey this proves that the journey is more important than the destination.

Teamwork was portrayed through Nemos journey is many situations that he got stuck in. when Nemo got stuck in the pipe that was sucking him into the deadly blades of the filter his friends helped him get out. This scene was full with suspenseful and heart throbbing music the scene had a full focus on Nemo to show his body language and facial expressions which were scared and full of fear his body language showed us that he was stuck and couldnt assimilate how to get out. Therefore this extract paragraph showed us how the journey itself is more important than then the destination because of the theme teamwork as evidence show in the paragraph above.

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