Defining My Value of the Mba
Essay title: Defining My Value of the Mba
Earning a graduate business degree from any school polishes skills essential for a successful manager. The M.B.A. states that an individual has completed a course of study and has learned the disciplines required to run a business or manage a company. The M.B.A. will provide me with the training and business principles needed to transform to a higher level of responsibility. My desire to pursue the M.B.A. is to obtain the skills necessary to advance my career, personally and professionally, ultimately becoming the chief executive officer of a family owned business.

One of the most important benefits of the M.B.A. is learning the techniques in the areas of finance, economics, and marketing. Leadership is also a skill developed that will teach the ability to work well with others, communicate, and share my desire to excel through collaboration. Another benefit is that it will allow me to learn to work in a team and work together using difficult case studies and discussing the most current topics in todays business world with my teammates and my class. Finally, the M.B.A. provides an opportunity to meet other interested and highly qualified individuals from different backgrounds.

My professional experience includes being a tax preparer, administrative assistant, financial aid counselor and college work-study coordinator. With these positions I gained valuable knowledge about the day to day functions of operating and managing an office. I also had the opportunity to learn about budgeting, fund management, and the basic fundamentals of accounting. Over the years I have come to the realization that I did

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