Self Concept Essay
I believe that being able to analyze one’s self and come up with an accurate view is essential to everyday life. It is important in determining what a person is good with, and areas that could use improvement. Some words I would use to describe myself would be efficient, responsible, and analytical. I choose these in order to focus on some of my strengths as opposed to any weaknesses I may have.

I believe efficiency is one of the most important attributes that I have. I like to maximize my time doing things that are fun or recreational. In order to accomplish this I have to take care of the stuff that isn’t so fun in a timely manner. People in general waste a lot of time. I am guilty of it myself from time to time. I found through my experiences it is much less taxing and much more efficient to work smarter and not harder. In most cases there is always something that can be done to streamline and make whatever evolution you take on much more efficient. The key is figuring out what that variable may be. I do well finding that variable, which equates to increased efficiency in my life.

Secondly, being responsible for yourself and anyone who may rely on you is extremely important in my eyes. I used to be really irresponsible in my adolescent years. What little responsibilities I did have often fell to the wayside. I graduated high school and enlisted in the Navy shortly afterwards. This was the crucial point where I feel like I grew up and learned what responsibility really meant. This was a gradual process and certainly didn’t happen overnight. Through the years I have taken on more responsibilities financially and in becoming a parent. I feel like ultimately you can only depend on yourself. That being said, I now feel like I am one of the most responsible people I know.

Lastly, and equally important in my life as the first two qualities, is being quite analytical.
I found that I am a skeptic by nature

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