Importance of Mathematics in Our Life
Essay Preview: Importance of Mathematics in Our Life
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[pic 1]INFORMATIVE SPEECHName: Mohamad Hakim Syuwari Bin Hasan.Class: English For Oral Presentation(ELC590) – Eh2201BStudent Id: 2017631996MATHEMATICSThe Importance of MathematicsSpeaker Name: Mohamad Hakim Syuwari Bin Hasan .Informative Speech Preparation Outline  Speech Topic: The Importance of Mathematics in our life General Purpose Statement: To informSpecific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience Mathematics is important to our life Central Idea: Mathematics key to economic prosperity, core skill for life, and math is a NEW “currency’’ for studentsIntroduction:Attention Getter: Did you know what is the definition of Mathematics? Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity and change. Aristotle define mathematics as “the science of quantity’’ and this definition prevailed until the 18th century. Intuitionist definition, developing from the philosophy of mathematician L.E.J, Brouwer, identify mathematics with certain mental phenomena. Formalist definitions identify mathematics with its symbols and the rules for operating on them. The history of mathematics can be seen as an ever-increasing series of abstractions, the first abstraction, which is shared by a many animals, was probably that of numbers. The Babylonians and Egyptians began using arithmetic, algebra and geometry to taxation and other financial calculation, for building and construction and for astronomy around 3000 before the century. The earliest uses of mathematicians where in trading, land measurement, painting and weaving patterns and the recording of time.Tie to audience: Who is math lover here? What make the mathematics as your favourite subjects? For me, the study of mathematics, like the Nile< begin in minuteness but ends in magnificence. This is because mathematics is life. Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you are numbers.  Credibility Material: I have done a research about mathematics. Based on that researched, I found that mathematics is really important form our life. Its build our life better and complete.   Preview: Based on the introduction and some history of mathematics that I have told, I would like to talk about the importance of mathematics in our life which is core skill for life, key to economic prosperity, and math is NEW “currency’’ for students.Transition 1: Firstly, let’s take a look at the first important thing of mathematics in our life. Main Idea 1: Mathematics is a core skill for life that really helpful for us.Supporting point:  It seems to be generally agreed that in order for adults to function in an increasingly complex world, they require a basic level of numeracy. Numeracy or mathematical knowledge are really crucially important which is increasingly necessary in a range of life-skills, such as personal finance, and data handling. The importance of the need for all citizens to understand data and view statistic critically is strongly made. For example, the British Academy(2012) state that: “Without statistical understanding citizen, voters and consumers cannot play a full part. To call politicians, media and business to account, we need the skills to know when spurious arguments are being advanced’’ (British Academy, 2012; Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 2013; Porkess, 2012; Vorderman et al., 2011,p.7)Mathematics play important role to people for seeking a job. Nowadays in the modern technology, many job are offered to the person who is good in mathematics skills.In terms of the second, it seems that quantitative skills are important on a very wide range of jobs too. In some sectors, general numerical skill are valued, but in many theory are seen as essential. It seems that using statistics and probability effectively is integral to a variety of task such as costing, risk assessment and quality control and modelling and problem solving are becoming more increasingly important. Importantly to avoid making mistakes in the workplace, people who work there must be able to make sense of mathematics that the used. Transition 2: Let’s move to the next important point of mathematics that will force you to pursue your study in mathematics course.Main Idea 2: Besides there are no wars, mathematics is also key to economic prosperity and peaceful.Supporting point:  It is assumed that the country wants to remain competitive in the world economy and this suggested that , mathematics is crucial for economic development and for technical progress’. In the report STEM education for 14-19  years olds , for example; the authors state that: ‘In its 2011 report, the plan for growth, the government pronounced education “the foundation of future economic success’’. It highlighted the importance of science and mathematics and the key role to be played by STEM in driving innovation, growth and economic recovery; (Parlimentary Office Of Science and Technology, 2013.p.1)The point made that “to meet the globally competitive ambitions of a knowledge-based economy the quality and size of the pool of young people engaged in mainstream mathematics and science education is crucial. Further, quantitative skills are needed by researches in the social sciences and humanities to enable effective engagement with STEM researches, both within interdisciplinary research teams and in general intellectual college. Mathematics is also the pool that feeds the supply of scientist needed within industry to perform the most demanding roles in areas that are crucial to the ongoing economic prosperity of the country. Transition 3: Last but not least, let us pay attention for the last important thing of mathematics.Main Idea 3: Mathematics is the NEW “currency’’ for students.Supporting point: In the early 20th Century, Math may have been regarded by some as useless; inadequately cerebral or philosophical, but events like the Space Race changed the game forever. In our modern world of gadgets, gismos and digital wizardry, it is Math, and not philosophy, that forms the foundation of more of what we do. Countries all over the world are in need of engineers, doctors, nurses, analysts and other professions that rely heavily on math knowledge. Math is, therefore, a student’s ticket to a dream job! However, math is really need for various type of work such as engineer, accountant, computer science and more.

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