Mgt 1101 – Principles of Management – Fall 2016
MGT 1101-PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT-FALL 2016“Case study”Describe the importance of effective leadership. Compare the different leadership style of Bill Gates & Steve Job, discussed in the case below.Being a broad managerial concept, various management gurus have their own distinctive definitions and perceptions how they elaborate the concept of leadership and what characteristics establish a set of leadership styles to be effective and efficient. The capacity of a business entity is of managing and leading of fulfilling challenging objectives, dealing with managerial dilemmas, inspiring stakeholders, and stablishing a benchmark by which the overall company competes internally. Employees comprising of remarkable effective leadership skills rise to the dominant positions of CFO, CEO and so on. Not only leadership but effective leadership is crucial for the outstanding performance and achievement of financial prosperity as leadership demonstrates and shows a path, a firm direction for the company to move forward. Leadership demonstrates how corporate goals and objectives have to be fulfilled by responsibly distributing the duties and supervising the people that are working under the leader. Communicational skills with being innovative and productive are the pivot elements of effective leadership.

With no confusion, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs initiated revolution in computer technology. They invested their efforts, dedication and took business to be their own vital organ. Apple and Microsoft, both of the companies created value through innovation, creativity and diversification, which were the core basis and pillars of their distinctive leadership styles. Being visionary, Bill Gates believe in practicing participative leadership skills. The kind of leadership Gates is, he comprises of confidence and value in his workforce with the overall financial prosperity of the business entity. He had the “focus” on what was right and necessary for the welfare of the company. Being a philanthropic such a degree of preservice is unable to be discovered. On the other hand, the driving force is the creativity, believing in small things, being enthusiastic in himself and his subordinates. He understands that economical and financial fluctuations are evident hence he observes change management with adaptation.Unlike Gates, Steve Jobs has been proved to be having dictatorship qualities while managing the products of Apple. While not being effective for others, his leadership style that is autocratic has been operational. Although he comprises of a creative mindset, he believes in the capability of making employees take more interest, transforming them in being more motivated in what they are performing. For Jobs, positive and effective business environment and culture are integral for working effectively. He has been renowned for being creative in what he does and what product he has ever launched. Being a motivational speaker, he himself has the paramount proficiency in being an effective leader where he is able to develop positive thinking, mindset with innovative ideas and design.

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