Amcl Marketing Case
The AMCL has already captured all over the country. It has distributed its product from urban to rural area. All people are also habituated with that product. As it is a consumer products so every people needs it. From child to old, each person feels its necessity. So its coverage all over the country and all kinds of people. And finally it has also enabled to do that. Almost it follows mass segmentation.

The importance of consumer sales promotion in the marketing mix of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) category throughout the world has increased. Companies spend considerable time in planning such activities. However, in order to enhance the effectiveness of these activities, manufacturers should understand consumer and retailer interpretations of their promotional activities. The study here pertains to consumers perceptions regarding sales promotion. Some past researches have suggested that promotion itself has an effect on the perceived value of the brand. This is because promotions provide utilitarian benefits such as monetary savings, added value, increased quality and convenience as well as hedonic benefits such as entertainment, exploration and self-expression.

Broadly speaking most of the companies using Marketing Mix which includes…
Place (Channel of Distribution)
These are the four basic pillar of marketing mix. Most of the marketing strategies are built on the basis of these criteria.
Promotion is one of the important elements of marketing mix. There are so many elements of promotion such as …
Direct Marketing
Public Relations
Sales Promotion

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