Robin Hood Case
Our first recommendation is that the size of the organization needs to be at a manageable level and then broken down into smaller groups where training can be concentrated at a higher individual level. The level of training and discipline does need to increase in order for Robins organization to maintain or exceed the level of his enemy the Sheriff. A program needs to be implemented for member acceptance guidelines. Merrymen needs to re-evaluate the current men that are part of the group and test their alliance and if they do not meet the standards then they can not be a part of the band. Implementation of the original recruitment process or an advanced recruitment process is the first necessary fix. Candidates should have a particular set of skills to allow entry. This will help control the growth of the organization, ensure only people who have skills to offer will be accepted, and protect the organization from being infiltrated by Prince Johns spies.

Our recommendation would be that Merrymen needs to come up with new policies and re-enforce the rules and policies so that the men will follow and obey the rules. This can be eliminated through the better screening process and better training. For this all to work, there must be a better management system put in place. Five to six managers is not enough for a group of this size. The better screening process would help identify candidates with the skill sets that is suitable for the management of the group. Since the largest internal issues the group is facing is to have stemmed from its size, identify the candidates who can help manage the discipline, resources, provisions and intelligence gathering. Departmentalization is a must. The brand recognition the Merrymen have can also serve as a source of strength in regards to recruiting. If each of the new bands were smaller in size, the training could be more intense and discipline could be implemented again within the ranks of the organization. The other issues are that there were not enough resources to feed the men.

Our recommendation is that if there is a food shortage, pre-screen candidates for skills such as farming. There was also the opportunity to steal from the rich outside Sherwood Forest. Franchising the group to other parts of England would address all of the issues facing Robins organization. The lack of food and provisions can first be solved by recruiting farmers and hunters. This would

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