Implementation of Human Resource Management System
Every organization is information driven. For larger Organization, Management of business activities through manual process is slow and really time consuming. After the intervention of Information Technology, almost every business functions of an organization are being computerized. Every organization is looking for a reliable solution so that data of the company is maintained centrally, and is available & accessible to every employee with proper authentication. For competent management of business process, computerization is must in today’s scenario.

RDCIS (Research and Development Centre for Iron & Steel), SAIL, has got two tier architecture. Top level is Areas and Bottom level is departments. Each area has various departments. The P&A (Personnel & Administration) department carries out different activities for managing various Human Resource functions. The different functions carried out by P&A department are Manpower Planning, Succession plans, Redeployment/ Job rotation, Career Planning, Compensation Revision, Employee Profile, Manpower Statistics, Age/ Skill/ Qualification matrix, Employee Turnover, Utilization of perks (LTC, Company Leased Housing etc.), Facilities (Residential phone, Housing loan etc.), Employee Performance/ Appraisal analysis, Training program details, Stagnation Analysis etc. Without a computerize systems, it is very difficult to drive the HR functions.

In this regard, a project was taken to implement a Human Resource Management System for forecasting of organizational needs, and for the continual monitoring and adjustment of personnel systems to meet current and future requirements, and the management of change.

The project comprises of database design, application design and development of software for storage and retrieval of the maintenance HR data through user friendly interfaces. The developed software also has mechanisms to avoid tampering of data. The software

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