Finding Nemo
Essay Preview: Finding Nemo
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You are a special part of my life that I cant seem to forget,
A part of my life that broke my heart, which I never will regret,
You and I had great moments that I will keep in my heart,
However now I wish that you and I didnt have to part.
You were my first love and my only love, that will always be so,
After all the heartache, loneliness and never ending pain, I know,
You and I had something beautiful and that will never change,
Because I will always love you and loving someone else will always seem strange.
Anthropomorphism is a technique used to ascribe human attributes to the characters so that the audience is able to associate themselves more personally with the characters, who are a representation of human life.

All four texts provide an insight into the impacts of physical journeys through mirroring a journey made by an individual and exploring the influence that the physical journey has had upon them. We are taught that it is the journey not the destination that matters, as we are travellers through life, constantly undergoing the experience of adventure.

Finally the animated film “Finding Nemo” is a movie involving the physical journey of Marlin, a father fish who endures the hardships of leaving his home and travelling into unfamiliar territory in search for his missing son Nemo.

Marlin is the father figure who is presented as being overprotective, anxious, controlling and not easily adaptable to change.
With the disappearance of his son Nemo, he is forced to embark on a journey which takes him from the GBR to Sydney, a journey which he is forced to overcome his deepest fears and travel into unfamiliar and dangerous places.

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