Literacy Case
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The Miriam-Webster dictionary defines literacy as the quality or state of being literate. However, this is not the definition that I would tell someone when asked “How would you define literacy?” I also believe that this would not be the definition that most people would give you when asked the same question.

When I think of literacy I immediately think of a book. Not a specific book with a certain title or author just a book. The book has a red hard cover with a black spine, and would probably be about three hundred to four hundred pages long. Despite the fact that my immediate definition of literacy does not include words I would not say that it is wrong.

I say this because upon further thinking my definition would be reading, which would mean books. I do not believe that just because you can read that it means youre literate. I believe being literate is reading, and reading a lot. I think this because even though a person may have the knowledge to read if they dont use it they are just as bad as a person who cannot read.

Finally, literacy can be defined many ways and my way is only one of them. Your definition may be completely different from mine and that is okay. It is okay because not everyone thinks and feels the same way about something, but that does not mean that it is wrong. So in the end telling your definition of something can be like telling your own story, and I have just told you mine.

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