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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Youve heard the famous quote: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

Youve also heard it attributed to Abraham Lincoln. And when it comes to that — youve probably been fooled.
The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency is on a campaign to expose famous quotes attributed to Lincoln that he never said.
The agency says things falsely credited to Lincoln have been quoted by everyone from famous generals, presidents, anti-war protesters and a Star Trek character.

It has now added a page to its Web site, exposing some of the quotes, including “The strength of the nation lies in the homes of its people.”

As for the famous one about fooling people, Lincoln allegedly said that in an 1865 speech. But the agency says the sentence doesnt show up in the text published the next day in a newspaper.

What If He Forgets His Glasses?
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Theres no need to write a phone number on your hand — or tie a string around your finger. Such memory cues may no longer be needed thanks to an MIT grad student.

Richard DeVaul has developed something he calls memory glasses. Its a tiny computer display clipped to an eyeglass frame. The computer can flash reminders — something DeVaul could use himself.

He says he sometimes forgets to eat, sitting at his desktop computer for hours at a time. The memory glasses could be programmed with the reminder, “`Rich, go take a break.” DeVaul says he hopes to have a commercial version of the technology on the market within a year.

Penny Pincher
REEDSVILLE, Pa. – After four decades of pinching pennies, a Mifflin County man decided that it was time to cash in his collection — over a million coins.

It took several months of bank visits to bring in 37 buckets of pennies to be cashed but, by the end, Lynn Wagner ended up with $10,060.
“I thought that itd be interesting to have a million of these so I thought that Id try,” he said last week.
Wagner, 53, collected one million pennies in August. The pennies were stacked along a wall in Wagners garage in 4 1/2-gallon buckets. “I can get 30,000 of them in one bucket if I shake it so that they settle

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