Illegal Immigration Usa
Jeremy Alexander
Jones International University
Prior to 9/11, on average, 35 percent of those who were free pending court never showed. After 9/11, 50.4 percent of those free, those aliens free, pending court, never showed. We did not become safer after 9/11. We became much less safe as a country. Out of that group, there were 45,000 people from nations that sponsor terror that were released by DHS. The Department of Homeland Security reported that it was unlikely that they would ever be deported because they would most likely never be found.

Recently, in the Arizona news, it was stated that there are heavy suspicions that illegal immigrants had started some if not all of the recent wildfires presently burning in Arizona. Coming from the perspective of retaliation from the cartels aimed at the state that began an overt campaign against illegals and the related situations, i.e. drug and weapons smuggling, it does seem likely that the proposed allegations might be true.

I believe that given the present circumstances that our country faces, economically, illegal immigration is a very clear and present danger! Immigrants not only from Mexico cross into our nation and some have very nefarious leanings. National security is at stake by allowing our borders to be so porous.

In closing, one could choose either side of this subject to mount a powerful debate, but coming from the view of a taxpayer and a veteran, I must conclude this is a problem that will face us as a nation for as long as our government chooses to avoid the bottom line, illegal immigration is ILLEGAL!

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