Ideal Work Environment.
Work can be exhausting hence the need for an excellent environment to ensure workers are not stressed all the time. An ideal work environment, both physical and psychological aspects, has to be considered. If everything were perfect at work, there would be a supportive environment, open communication relaxed and casual work environment.

A supportive environment means at workplace employees are supported in matters work, family and health. Managers would help their subjects grow in their career by guiding them based on their experiences and skills at work. The supportive team includes team and enhances productivity at work. Employees share knowledge among themselves, and no one is made to feel less than the other. In an ideal work environment, even interns would never contact like they are inferior. Supervisors should give interns feedback, and in case of negative feedback instead of showing disappointment, they would encourage them and offer further guidelines to help them improve where necessary (Ashley, 40). They would work side by side with their supervisors and leave the organization feeling like they have been a part of the family that is work.

Additionally, people would be supportive of each other outside the office matters. Managers would be understanding enough to let workers take day-offs with questions and threats about missing work. There could also be a cafeteria that offers only healthy foods to the workers to support a healthy lifestyle.

Open communication at work ensures that the inputs and intelligence of every employee are put into consideration. Upward downward communication creates a good relationship between managers and their subjects. It increases productivity s there is a pool of thoughts and every employee’s feels valued and heard. Open communication gives the employees a voice in the

Workplace. Honesty too helps create a culture of accountability where employees regardless of position level, can share constructive feedback to improve the performance at work. Honesty and communication promote objective feedback between employees. However, in an ideal environment, workers should not use the obsolete language since such evoke defensiveness and lack credibility. Communication creates a chance for two way mentoring which benefits both the experienced and the newly employed (Ashley, 40)

Decent mode of dressing is a critical element in ensuring a pleasant work environment. However, in an ideal work environment, there should be a little flexibility and a relaxed mood. There should not be strict rules guiding employees on what colours, length and types of clothes to wear. Work should never feel like school because of guidelines on what to wear. Employees should be allowed to wear whatever they want as long as it is decent. If work were perfect similarly, employees would not have to be told to dress decently. They would know that there are going to work in a formal environment hence dress well. They do not have to be in suits, but in clothes that accord them the respect, they deserve at work.

An ideal work environment is one where no lines are drawn, where managers can be friendly to other employees; a place where employees can approach their senior’s without feeling intimidated or feeling of being shunned. If work was perfect, there could be meetings where all employees share ideas, give objective feedback to one another without holding grudges.

Employees would know what is wrong and right on things that are obvious like dress code. They would not be strict dressing rules as no one would dress inappropriately. An ideal work environment is one that supports the career, physical and emotional aspects of an employee hence a sense of satisfaction (Aazami, 41).

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