Personal Narrative Essay – Forever an Accident
Essay Preview: Personal Narrative Essay – Forever an Accident
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Once a dream,
Forever an accident
Sometimes being a little girl can be tough. There are so many things you want to see, places you want to go, and people you want to be. You could be a princess with long golden hair. Or you could be a veterinarian that helps injured animals. You could also be an olympic gymnast, a singer, an astronaut, a mom, or even a school teacher. But when I was about eight I had my mind set on being and ice skater.

Have you ever watched a movie about something and like reenacted it out? Well that was me (I wasn’t the brightest child). At the time my family and I were living in Bangkok Thailand. Thailand is a small foreign country right below China. I was five when we moved there and had just turned nine at the time. Like any other little girl I would always try to be the best at everything.

The house was really quiet. My mom was getting ready for Activity Days, my dad was at work, and the kids were just around the house playing something of somesort. I, on the other hand was off playing by myself in my own little world. In the moment i was watching one of my favorite movies. The name of it was “The Ice Princess”. It was about this girl who loved to skate. Her mom on the other hand different plans. She wanted to make sure that her little girl went to Harvard College. Casey’s (the skater) mom thought that she was only skating for a physics project, which it was but eventually she learned to love this “Beautiful sport”, is what she would call it. So she went behind her moms back to skate. By the end of the movie she had achieved her dreams with her mom right by her side cheering her on.

I wanted to be just like that. Not the part about going behind your moms back, but about achieving your dreams. Then I thought to myself, how in the world could I? First off I lived in a foreign country in Asia. Second it never snowed. And third we didn’t have time to go to the ice skating rink, plus it was an hour away. So I guess you could say I was kind of in a pickle.

In the mean time I was sitting on our brand new couches in our family room contemplating what I should do. I was so bored. Even though there were a million things to do. While I was looking around in complete and utter boredom, something caught my eye. Unusually surprising it was our housekeeper (it’s completely normal for people to have housekeepers, unlike the states where you only have a housekeeper if youre “rich”). Well I was in luck she just happen to be mopping the floor. Our floor was a hard cement like marble floor. So when I looked at her it was kind of like and “ah ha!” moment.

I then ran up to the third floor turned to the left and hurried to my room, that was just down the hall. Searching through all my drogres I grabbed the most slippery socks I could find. Threw them on and ran back down the stairs to the kitchen where the housekeeper was just finishing mopping. I went into the pantry, pretending like I was hungry. But as soon as she left I was up and about dancing around the kitchen.

Seeing that Ice Princess movie had encouraged me to be just like her. One of the tricks she did was a triple lutz. It’s pretty much where you jump up into the air and spin three times before you connect back with the ground.m Well apparently I thought that I was good enough to do that too. I had gone ice skating probably like three times before so this would be interesting. Of course no thought of getting hurt crossed my mind, I just wanted to be like Casey.

I then started to get a good run, then raced off like there was no tomorrow! I stomped my foot behind me just like the ice princess did and started to jump as high as my little body would let me. I started to twist thinking I was going to do it. But then I started to feel gravity pull me down. The worst part was that it was my face that was nearing the hard cement like marble floor. As I was headed toward the floor I tried quickly

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