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Essay title: Ibm Company Profile
IBM was founded on 1914 by Thomas Watson. The driving force behind the success of the company, however, is his son, Thomas Watson, Jr., who understood the potential of computers and embraced new technologies. Under him, the System/360 was developed and became highly successful. Despite IBMs steady approach toward its one hundred-year anniversary, the company continues to lead the market in terms of innovation.

Corporate Information:
IBM is one of the world largest companies, delivering a complete range of hardware, software, and professional service offerings. The company, based in Armonk, New York, has been perhaps the best known name in the technology field for the better part of a century. IBM, also referred to as Big Blue, continues to live on the bleeding edge of technology. Via its IBM Research operations, the worlds largest IT research organization with 3,000 scientists and engineers employed in eight labs in six countries, IBM continues to lead the way in a series of technology areas, such as SOAs, speech recognition technology, and radio frequency identification (RFID) development.

Key Products/Services:
IBM maintains a full line of hardware, software, and peripheral products, ranging from blade, mid-range, and mainframe systems to a line of software solutions in the areas of development, business intelligence, content management, and data warehousing. Additionally, IBMs expansive Global Services unit, which accounts for more than half of all the companys yearly revenues, delivers outsourcing, consulting, and hosting services. IBMs core product and service offerings are: 1. Systems and Servers. 2. Storage. 3. Software. 4. IBM Global Service.

Through innovation, vision, acquisitions, and alliances, IBM has grown to report close to $100 million USD in revenues per year, leveraging its initial vision of the potential that computer systems could have on the world. The company has one of the best name recognitions in the world, and is always out in front when new trends in technology begin to surface. In April 2006, IBM announced a 50 percent increase in the companys dividend.

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