Iams Company Swot Analysis
Essay title: Iams Company Swot Analysis
Iams Company is the brand name for dog and cat food that tries to provide world class quality foods and pet car products. Iams premium dog and cat food are sold in pet supply stores and veterinarians offices in more than 70 countries and employs more than 2500 people. Quality is the foundation of the Iams business and the number one responsibility of all there employees, suppliers, and distributors. They run there business to earn a reasonable return on investment.

The strengths of this organization are focusing on being sensitive to the needs of their internal and external customers and they guarantee to fulfill the promises they make. I think that is it important to be concerned about the consumers, because without them they would not have any business at all. Also, they try to be environmentally responsible. Another strength which is important is that they support community betterment for the mutual improvement of the communities where they operate and The Iams Company. If they weren’t concerned about the communities they are in there consumers wouldn’t like that.

Looking for research, I found that Iams also has weaknesses such as people boycotting Iams products because Iams confines animals to cages to conduct cruel laboratory tests on them. Iams Company has funded and participated in laboratory experiments on hundreds of animals. The Iams Company should really do something about that because it is concerning a majority of there consumers. Iams focuses on animal care and the food they eat, but in the processes they have been testing it on animals. That is pretty much the main weakness of the organization and I would also consider it to be a threat.

Iams also has many opportunities that they can look forward to. Iams funds research efforts related to animal dermatology, geriatrics, allergies, and nutrition,

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