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I. Chapter 1 A. Frank describes his parents. 1. They met and married in New York. 2. The moved to Ireland with their sons. 3. Frank s father is a drunk and his mother is downtrodden and browbeaten. B. Frank tells of his mother and father s lives before their children. 1. Malachy McCourt. a. Frank s father. b. Grew up in North Ireland. c. Fought for IRA d. Committed crime e. Went to America to avoid being killed 2. Angela Sheehan a. Frank s mother b. Grew up in the slums of Limerick c. She immigrates to America d. Meets Malachy e. Becomes pregnant by Malachy f. Frank was born g. She had two more kids named Malachy, Oliver, and Eugene. C. Frank describes his childhood. 1. His father constantly loses jobs and money. 2. He often goes hungry D. Angela gives birth to Margaret. 1. Margaret inspired Malachy to quit drinking for a short time. E. Margaret dies 1. Her death drives Angela into a state of depression. 2. She started neglecting her children. 3. The McCourt s head back to Ireland on a ship. II. Chapter 2 A. They go to Malachy s parent s house in Canty Antrim, Ireland 1. Grandma does not favor the family 2. Grandpa advises Malachy to ask the IRA for money B. Malachy takes his family to Dublin 1. He takes Frank to the IRA office 2. The family has no money. 3. They must stay in the police station. 4. The police start a collection for the family so they can take the train back to Limerick.

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