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Wilson Wong
The Pearl Chapter 1
What are the names of the main characters?
The names of the main characters are Kino, Juana and Coyotio.
What nationality are they?
The characters in the book are Native of Americans.
What is a parable?
Parable is a sample stories that illustrating a moral or the religious lesson.
What is the Song of the Family?
The Song of Family is a state of mind that every thing is going be good and his family will be safe.
What did Kino look like?
Kino was a strong young man with brown skin and black hair.
What was breakfast?
For breakfast, they had corn cake that dipped with sauce and a pulque.
What caused the Song of Evil?
The song of the enemy caused the Song of Evil.
What did Juana do to help Coyotito?
Juana help by sucking the poison out of the Coyotito wound.
Why do Juana and Kino have to go the doctor?
The doctor never came to cluster house and the doctor stayed in the rich town and with the rich people so Juana and Kino went to the doctor instead.
How did Kino feel about the doctor?
Kino felt afraid about the doctor because he thinks something might go wrong with the doctor.
Does the doctor see Coyotito? Why/Why not?
No, The doctor didn’t see Coyotitio because; Juana and Kino don’t have any money to pay to see the doctor.
The Pearl Chapter 2
What lay on the bottom of the sea?
At the bottom of the sea there were a spotted crabs, lobsters, algae, eel, seahorse, a botete and a fish.
2. Who searched for dead fish?
The hungry dogs and hungry pigs were searching for dead fish.
3. What were the houses made of?
All of the houses in the town were made out of brushes.
What was the only valuable thing Kino owned? Describe it.
The valuable thing to Kino is his canoe, because it’s a very old and it’s the bulwark that for his family by fishing for food.
Is Coyotito getting better or worse? Explain?
Coyotito is getting worse even thought the poison sucked out.
What did Juana pray for?
Juana prayed that they might find a pearl, which they could hire, a doctor to cure the baby.
Who had gotten rich out of seabed?
Kino had gotten rich out of the seabed.
What was the secret inner song?
The secret inner song was a heartbeat, which was the oxygen from his held breath; melody of the song was the water, little scaling animal that flitted by were gone.

How long could Kino remain under water?
Kino could remain under water about ten minutes.
10. Why is it ‘not good to want a thing too much’? Do you agree?
It is not good to side track because when you side track you will never have much time to finish the your work. When you side track you

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