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Human Resource Management is an effective approach to managing people at the work place and there are several models and theories that help make this happen which would be talked about further throughout this report. There are many theories and practices that apply to HRM where some may contradict others.

Before HRM models had been introduced there was a time when people needed no unique skills, experience or intelligence to actually be employed with a top organisation, this is when not all organisations performed to the standards required and the reason for sufficient management skills where essential. (Derek Torrington Eighth Edition, Page 4) but which model was the most influential one? This would be debated further after discussing each model.

What is HRM? Human resource management has many definitions the most defined being “the management of organisations employees” (Armstrong, Michael (2006)) Human Resource Management is a very debatable subject and is described as “Personnel Management” to develop efficiency at the place of work (Derek Torrington, Eighth Edition, page 6) or you could say management of people is more effective from organizational activities. This report will illustrate how employing the correct staff would be of importance to achieve targets.

Taken as a whole HRM is the management of employees at all departments and how the organization monitors how it runs effectively, it is continuous development in increasing skills and efficiency.

The HRM model would assist in helping improve individual performances rather than just group work, how workers would be motivated as well encouraged to feel a part of the organization and different innovative ideas of work to continuously remain efficient or improve quality of work.

The evidence which would help prove that HRM actually does have an influence on how effective the work place is running would be collected from books and general HRM studies. The two models

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