Human Resource Management
This means the human resource departments could become more deeply integrated in implementing new strategies and processes to find the right staff. As human resource management often is a remote area without being integrated in the long-term business strategies gaining the budget for improving the situation is not always given. Sometimes HR is even not directly reporting to the top management to discuss their real situation. If too less attention is given to this department it wont probably have much influence and push forward something.

Shortcomings also might be short term strategies, management not realising what chances they miss and hardly any communication between different departments. If there is no collaboration and targets are primarily set short-term by executives many synergies will be lost.

Especially in a growing globalisation HR should be integrated to establish a suitable culture among the employees. Different genders, religions and ages are confronted with each other and also the management will have to deal with a multi-faceted team and should be prepared accordingly.

The shortage of trained people in some areas is already forcing companies to recruit talents abroad and offer them competitive wages. Some problems may come up in the fields of engineering and managements positions. People dont speak the language well enough or hesitate to take responsibility. Also the qualifications are not always sufficient to compete with local staff. Thus, it is not just about hiring people in emerging countries. It is more about what kind of people a company needs and how it can establish teams that work effective and are target-driven. This has to be combined with programmes for cultural issues and workshops to integrate new staff in the existing environments successfully.

To expand in international markets leadership must be available in the head office that is ready to live abroad and who has the ability to teach the

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