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At one time or another during an individuals life they experience some form of stereotyping. We get classified with a certain group, whether because our ethnic group, skin color or just simply because of the way we dress. “A stereotype is a popular belief about specific types of individuals. Stereotypes are standardized and simplified conceptions of people based on some prior assumptions. Another name for stereotyping is bias. A bias is a tendency, most of these are good, but sometimes stereotyping can turn into discrimination if we misinterpret a bias and act upon it in a negative manner.” (Terriciano, 2005)

Why do we stereotype? It is human nature to classify things in order to get a better perspective of people and things. We learn this throughout school, studying different sciences. We classify and associate different life forms in order to evaluate and understand them Stereotyping can go way beyond just associating one with a group. Stereotyping can have a lasting impact on ones psyche, whether having a positive or negative impact.

The human body, from its parts to its psyche is very complex. When we look into the psyche of an individual, there are so many factors, coming from so many different angles that determine the way an individual thinks. Nothing about the mind is simple or straightforward, so it can very difficult to classify or even stereotype an individual.

Imagine you are in the gym working out, and you see an overweight individual walk in. The average person would assume that individual is lazy, doesnt like to work and has a problem with eating too much. That could be the case or maybe it is not, without talking to that individual we dont really know. That is an example of stereotyping. Throughout this paper, I will discuss different types of stereotypes that I or someone that I know has encountered.

Attending College is something I recommend to any young student. The College experience will set you up to become a well-rounded individual. A college campus is a diverse environment. You will find many different ethnic groups with people from all over the world. But through personal experience and from others I know most assume that African-American students are there for some type of sports. The only reason African-American students are attending college is play a particular sport and obtaining an education is not the main focus. There are several premises established for this stereotype. African-Americans are good at sports. Education is not their main focus. There is a small population of African-American males in college who dont play sports. Therefore, all blacks in college are on athletic scholarships. However, “without reference to athletics only 34 percent of black men who enter college in this country graduate within six years. But 39 percent of black male scholarship athletes earn their diploma in six years.”(JBHE,2004).


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