Human Development Foundation – Non-Profit Swot Analysis
Section I: The Basic Product or Service
Human Development Foundation is a non-profit organization working to make a better life style of underprivileged people of Pakistan. The concept of human development embraces every development issue, including economic growth, social investment and peoples empowerment to condition of basic needs and social safety nets, and political and cultural freedom. There programs include: Community empowerment, education, health, grassroots economic development, and community physical infrastructure. The prototype of HDFs fairly broad plan of action includes that development must put people at the center of its concerns also the purpose of development is to enlarge all human choices, not just income. The human development foundations model is concerned with both building up human capabilities, through investment in people, and by using those human capabilities to its fullest through an enabling structure for growth and empowerment. The human development foundations model defines the ends of development and analyses rational options for achieving them. Mainly HDF has four vital pillars that are equity, sustainability, production and empowerment.

Section II: The Real Business
Development is a process of decision making. This decision making doesnt just involve picking out the right outfit for the day or picking the better detergent, choosing the better car or a good television channel, but the choices that are created by expanding human capabilities and functioning; what people do and can do in their lives. Some choices or decisions cannot be made without certain qualifications that are essential in decision making. These capabilities are to lead long and healthy lives, to be knowledgeable and to have access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living, which are specified in the human development index. Human development in the words of Paul Steen is: “Human. But many additional choices are valued by people. These include political, social, economic and cultural freedom, a sense of community, opportunities for being creative and productive, and self-respect and human rights. Yet human development is more than just achieving these capabilities; it is also the process of pursuing them in a way that is equitable, participatory, productive and sustainable.”

HDFs project Pakistan is mainly composed on three main categories. The project Pakistans model was developed by specialists working in the field of social sciences. This successful model teaches responsibility and eliminates dependency. According to HDFs research of the area, the main areas of involvement that need help are, community empowerment, education, health, grassroots economic development and community physical infrastructure.

Community Empowerment: HDF follows the Human Development philosophy

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