Autobiography of a Basketball
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Autobiography of a basketball                            When I first opened my eye, I was in a large factory on the suburbs of Shanghai. As an ambitious ball, my dream was to be played in NBA one day.                             I did not really remember who made and how they manufactured me since I was too young at that time. However, I believe I was at least made of rubber, leather and air because I am elastic. When workers drooped me, I can bounce myself up from the ground, which I think is very interesting.                           I spent my childhood staying quietly with other balls in a large net. One day, someone moved the net into a huge box and sent us to the international port. At the port, I saw many huge ships there. The largest ship there, which I believe is the ship to US because I saw the American Flag on it. Sadly, instead of getting on the big ship to my dream place, they put us in a small freighter. Several days later, the ship started. The journey was boring and long. We have to stay together in a small box at all the time. Honestly, I felt desperate and helpless about that journey because I did not know what my destination was.

About one month later, we finally arrived where they called Zimbabwe. Then they separated me with other balls and transported me to a local high school on the outskirts of Harare. As I began to get familiar with this new country, I found that Zimbabwe is one of the most undeveloped countries on Earth because of the continuing civil wars. And about half of its families do not have money to afford their children to go to school. Also, some of schools can hardly have any sports facilities.                         Well, as I mentioned above, Zimbabwe was poor. The school I went also did not have any good sports facilities. Therefore, as the only basketball in that school, my coming has caused shocks to the students there. For many of the kids there, it was their first time to see a ball so close. I was treated like a treasure. I still remember one kid was so glad that he jumped and screamed when he got a chance to touch me.                          Right now I have developed a lot of great friendship with kids here in Zimbabwe. We played games everyday. Although I do not ever think I will get the opportunity to be played in NBA, the days in Zimbabwe has taught me that what makes other people happy is the most important thing to me.

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