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Movie AnalysisEnron is a huge company, a much known company and it already established name in the economy and by that they used that name to trick, manipulate people. Manipulate in terms of dishonesty of presenting the records of the company or the true health and standings of the company and by this many people were attracted by the Enron’s stocks and billions of dollars were invested by the people to Enron. The company has a lot of Schemes but that has led them to scandals and downfall.The company was formed in 1985 following a merger between Houston Natural Gas Co. and Omaha-based InterNorth Inc. Following the merger, Kenneth Lay, who had been the chief executive officer (CEO) of Houston Natural Gas, became Enrons CEO and chairman, and quickly rebranded Enron into an energy trader and supplier. Deregulation of the energy markets allowed companies to place bets on future prices, and Enron was poised to take advantage.

Enron also participated in online activities like, the buying and selling of products and by that partners or partnerships was built and began booming in the industry. In the record, Enron nearly execute 350 billion trades, so imagine billions of billions of dollars was involved and that’s why Enron became an apple of an eye of the industry. That time was the Booming of their stocks and trades and many people were rushing to invest, imagine the return of capital its Huge, but that was only in the beginning. The company was dishonest of the current situation or standings that led the people lost their lives, lost in terms of no savings, no home, no work and others.One of Enron’s schemes is the Deregulation, regulation within a commercial and corporate setting typically applied to the government’s ability and authorize commercial activity and behavior with regard to individual businesses, Enron executives applied for and were subsequently granted, so as a result of this deregulation of the government, Enron’s earning reports is incomplete because they only post the earnings, losses were not posted so if the losses were not posted the total capital shown is hugely overstated.

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