Huckleberrry Finn
Essay Preview: Huckleberrry Finn
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Huck Finn was the protagonist of the novel. His father is a drunk and has not been seen in a year. He came from a lower class and had no formal education before he went to stay with Widow Douglas. While staying with her, she tries to civilize him, but he resists changing his ways and ran away. He only comes back, when Tom Sawyer, his best friend talk about him joining his robber gang. Miss Watson tries to educate Huck, but he finds it hard to understand the point of it, especially religion. He continually is skeptical when it comes to religion like praying over food, he sees as grumble over the food. Pap comes back, abuses Huck for wanting to be educated which shows he wants more in life then Pap. Pap kidnaps Huck and Huck escapes by faking his death. On Jackson Island he founds Jim who thought he was a ghost. After finding out bad new from Mrs. Judith Loftus, They got a raft and went down the Mississippi River. During they adventures they become close, even friends. He gets separated a lot from Jim and met many people. When the steamboat crashed into the raft, he was saved by the Grangerfords who had a long-standing feud with the Shepherdsons. A feud ended in many deaths including his good friend Buck Grangerford. Everyone he met wasnt nice, like The Duke and the King. Even though Huck knew they werent royalty he didnt want to start any trouble with his and Jim situation already not stable. When the Duke and the King were trying to impersonate Peter Wilkess brothers, Huck gained a very big crash on Mary Jane. He then tries to make thing right by exposing the con men for the liar they are. After the King sold Jim to the Phelps, Huck made a decision to go to hell before betraying his Jim. He goes to the Phelps, and Aunt Sally thinks he is Tom Sawyer and he pretend to find a way to free Jim. Later Tom does arrive, and he pretends to be Sid. Huck plan is simple and realistic, while Tom plan has unnecessary steps, wastes time, and is dangerous.

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