The Bible of Who
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The Origins of Whoo
In the year, 1342 a “family” hot air balloon race was launched out of Fort City, Mahi. Riders of each balloon had to be members of the same family. A local newspaper, The Fort City Press reported, “Slightly over five hundred families participated in this massive hot air balloon race. The 840 mile race was from Fort City, Mahi to Mountainville, Olopi and then back to Fort City, Mahi. About half way on the trip to Mountainville, huge gusts of 125 mph. winds started blowing the balloons around and pushing them off course. Fifty three of the balloons became lost in the winds and never returned.”

Mr. Whoo explains the fate of the riders of the fifty three balloons as, “For the families of the fifty three balloons, all were not lost. Fortunately, they crashed in the Nokia Mountain Range. The snow that is found within the Nokia Mountain Range is especially unique. It is soft and pillow like. As the balloons crashed in the snow, the families sank and then were gently pushed back up to the surface by this most incredible snow.” (Pg. 2 The History of Whooville) Forty two of the balloons that crashed landed near each other. The families from these balloons banded together and searched for the other crashed balloons. All the riders of the crashed balloons were found. The 173 members of these families settled in a valley within the midst of two large mountains in the Nokia Mountain Range. They called themselves the Whoos.

Stranded in the middle of the mountains, the Whoos immediately decided that it was of vital importance to locate some type of food. Heather, Herbert and Harry Whoo came across a huge cave at the base of the very large mountain. They entered that cave, and to their surprise, they found that it was warm inside. The cave opened up to a giant cavern that had an abundance of plants and animals. There were turkeys, chickens, corn, carrots, and much more. Located in the middle of the cavern was a giant pond of spiced Ale. Heather, Herbert and Harry Whoo jumped for joy! Herbert said, “First the snow and now the food; Gad is watching over us. We must be here for a reason!”(Whoomans 4:22) They went back and brought the whole Whoo clan to the cavern where they feasted on the food.

After three weeks, the Whoos began to convert the camp into a town. All the Whoos gathered together and discussed their legal and political system. The Whoos decided

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