A Saga of Love – Twilight Saga Eclipse
Essay Preview: A Saga of Love – Twilight Saga Eclipse
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A Saga of Love – Twilight Saga Eclipse
The story of vampires have always been a vogue for horror movie lovers and a nightmare for Sanguivoriphobians. No wonder Dracula is the most loved and dreaded of Vampire stories. This has now become an old story with the release of Stephenie Meyers Twilight series which has set a new trend in the world of fiction. A romance, thriller, horror fiction, fantasy, drama, science fiction – innumerable genres bundled into one- it did not take long to attract the attention of directors. It was neatly coded into the Twilight series of movies under the directorship of David Slade and was successful in attaining worldwide attention. It is true to say that it lured and united the horror movie lovers and the sanguivoriphobians enabling them to relish alike the horror and the romance combined.

The first movie of the series sets the tone through the introduction of the central characters Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) a vampire belonging to the Cullen family of vampires, Isabella Swan called Bella (Kristen Stewart), a young dame from Arizona and the love that bonds them irrespective of the differences. It leaves a hint that falling in love with a vampire is not as easy as it looks. The action gets stronger in the second series, Twilight Newmoon, where Bella is thrown into despair as Edward leaves her only for her safety. This gets her close to Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Bellas dads son and her childhood friend, a character sans colour and vibrancy in Twilight but transforms completely making the viewers biased with his six pack and haircut from the second series onwards. He sees Bella through her hard times and not long, Bella realizes that Jacob is a werewolf and deeply in love with her. But hes not able to advance further with Bellas and Edwards unshaken love. Bella intervenes and protects Edward when he goes to the Volturi to be killed as he believes Alices vision of Bella dying. The movie ends once again sealing their love with Edwards proposal to marry Bella and her decision to want to turn herself like him. The viewers leave the theatre with disturbed thoughts about Jacob and an insatiable desire for the third part- Twilight Saga Eclipse.

Quenching the thirst of the viewers, the third of the Twilight series, Twilight Saga Eclipse hit the theatres in June. The much awaited movie proved to be action packed and the best of the series. It caters to the taste of the audience with its romance, triangle love, tension and action. The love of two young guys for the same girl ensue a love triangle. The protection of Bella from the newborns becomes the primary concern of both. They unite dissipating the ancient grudge between the vampires and the werewolves. In a final battle, Victoria (whose mate was killed by Edward in Twilight) and the New Borns are defeated and destroyed but Jacob is wounded. Dr Cullen takes care of him and even

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