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As you can see in the advertisement, Honda Vietnam continues to promote their SH series as a professional, elegant and high class product. In overall, customer can easily identify the product from the advertisement. They also can get the necessary information but not all information they need to decide to buy the product or not. The persuasion function is not clear enough for the customer. In general, the advertisement does have enough requirements for a print advertisement but it is still lack of creative.

The strengths
The theme color of the advertisement is nicely fit with the product. They used black and red, two classic colors, to promote the classy, professional,
The advertisement has succeeded in localizing the product. In Western countries, Honda SH is held in customers mind as a product for woman. But when it came to Vietnam, the advertisement made Vietnamese people think that it is a product for high class people including both man and woman. In this case, Honda Vietnam succeeds in keeping the image of Honda SH. Therefore, it is very helpful for their price strategy.

The drawbacks
The advertisement missed the persuasion function. It is really important factor because the predecessor of Honda SH 2011 was failed. Honda SH might be success in Vietnam 5 years ago but not now. Today, high class people only choose Honda Air Blade (or Honda PCX) if they dont have enough money and if they have they will choose the imported Honda CBR. We can say that the main objective of Honda Vietnam when they create this advertisement is to persuade the customer to come back to Honda SH. In this case, the advertisement was failed.

This advertisement, likes all of the other the advertisement for this kind of product (motorcycle) in Vietnam, still not has the creative aspects. The advertisement keeps showing the motorcycle, only the motorcycle and nothing but the motorcycle. For this advertisement, Honda Vietnam added “Tôn vinh phong thái đỉnh cao” phrase just above the motorcycle. This phrase is still not impressive, creative, and strong enough to make the customer think or simply remain on their mind. There is no catchphrase referring to the product. In general, this advertisement is lame; none of the verbal or the visual can really make the customer interested.

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