How Communication Brings Man to Top
Essay Preview: How Communication Brings Man to Top
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The Importance of Communication Skills in a Successful Life
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Every day, in many ways, we communicate with other people. Sometimes it is verbally, other times it is through the written word, and we even do it non-verbally through what we call body language. For that matter, we can use images to communicate, and even a scent can carry a message. If we expect to get our point, our message, our meaning across, it is important that we have good communication skills.

In order to work in an office, function at school or interact with people in any situation, communication is needed. Let us say that you are an engineer, and you have designed a new two hundred unit residential development. Well, to get approval to build that project, there are forms to fill out and permits to obtain.

You will need to fill in applications and probably write some sort of report to outline exactly what you intend to do. Maybe there is a swamp nearby, a beautiful pristine wetland that is home to endangered animals. If thats the case, people may protest your project; you may have to go before a city council or into court to argue that you should be allowed to build it. To do so, you will need to write up a clear, concise and easy to read report explaining every aspect of the development.

If a hearing is held, then you will probably have to get up in front of a crowd of people – some of them hostile – and verbally explain what you are planning, and answer questions. If you have pictures or computer graphics, and can show that your project will not hurt the environment, you will have a good chance of being approved.

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On the other hand, perhaps you are engaged in something more mundane, like buying a car, or maybe a house. You will need to present yourself as speaking clearly, knowledgeably and with confidence. Here is where the ability to judge a persons attitude comes in very handy. If you are negotiating with a car salesperson, or a realtor or homeowner, and you ask a question

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