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stay at home moms. well to me they never get the credit that they should. they have the hardest job. they have to make sure that the home is always cleaned the cloths is clean food is fixed. and that the kids are taken care of. most people thanks that stay at home moms has it made but when they have to do it for one day then they cant wait until they get to go back to work because they just cant do it. then that gives them respect for the moms that can do it. i just wish that everyone could see how hard a stay at home moms work. one day i hope that they would give stay at home moms more oppertonitys like some kind of credit a text time. because some of them just cant go out and get a job because the have a really sick kid that no one wants to take care of for them whille they are at work or they just cant work because of there health. maybe one day some one would thank of something that could help them out some. a stay at home mom makes sure that the kids are always ok and that they get there stuff done on time. they also make sure that they stay healthy and if the family gets sick then its the mom that takes care of everyone so then they get better. now lets talk about when the mom gets sick then who takes care of her? no one the mom has to take care of her self there is never anyone to take care of her. now you tell me that a stay at home mom has it so much easyer then a person that has to go to work! well i know that you cant. i also know that you would not want to do that.

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