Thomas Hobbes Case
Thomas Hobbes, who was born in 1588, lived a life which is full of success and philosophy. He
wanted to see the real world with a different view, that’s why he tried to improve his knowledge
separetly from his university, Oxford. During his life Galilei and Descartes played a big role. With the
help of his exiles and trips, he became the greatest English philosopher of the 17th century .
‘Leviathan’ was the book which contains Hobbes’s ideas and vision, shaped at his long Parisian exile.
Also the book got his name from a sea monster which mentioned in ‘ The Torah’ (Tevrat). That’s why
his enemies critisiced him as an ataist. But his vision about religion and government could be said to
be as secular.
Hobbes’s famous arguement; ‘ Nature hath made men equall.’ which he highlighted that
power is not just about physich or knowledge. He claim that physically weak men could beat a strong
men with his logical methods. He believed that nature made an equity, which means nature gave
every men different gifts to protect them. The distance between weak and strong happened because
of acknowledge and barbaric feelings. Their fight against future made them blind to each other so
they choose to become enemies instead of enjoy their desires together. To make a conclusion,
naturel movement laws shaped everybody.
He also believed that ‘every man against

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