J. Crew Case Study
Juhika patel                                                                    ID: 0176723                                                     MG 800: strategic management                                                               J. crew case study                                                        Professor: Dr. Roberta Harris                                                                     6/29/2017Introduction: History of the J. Crew company:              In the year 1947, the J. Crew company was established by Mitchel Cinader and Saul Charles. They used to sell women clothes. After that they started door to door sales and become a popular sales club. In the year 1980’s the company find a new opportunity to grow the business therefore, they make a decision to merge with catalog company, L L Bean. After merging with the catalog company, within a three year the company was able to sale 100 catalogs. As the sale increase the company name changed to J. Crew. The company was expanded their business and become a best clothe selling company. The company was also achieved sales of $70 billion in the year 1992.

Initially, company was started door to door sales after that the company growth increase and they expand their business. In the 90’s the company sale was stagnate, which make the CEO to think and apply a new business strategy. In the year 2003, company have a new CEO, which make a new strategy to make company to produce a fashion forward clothes which everyone desire. In 2014 the J. Crew company was expanded their business and they started sale in two ways to attract more number of customers. The company use the sale through retail shops and also by using the direct channel method. Objective of the company:The company having the objective of, To attract a large number of customers by providing variety of clothes Achieve a high company revenue, make more profit and increase the brand nameCompany have to achieve a long-term growth The company selling product directly and also through the local shop, they also want increase number of variety in men’s clothingSWOT analysis of the company:   Strength: The company become a partner with Redwing, which is one of the popular fabrics and craftsmen. The label of American denim was introducing in 2016 which is highly appreciated. Moreover, company having an e- commerce website which help them to deliver the goods over hundreds of destinations. The Company grow internationally and distribute over 80 million copies of their catalog. The Michel Obama was marketed the company after that the J. Crew become popular and loyal brand.

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