History of Sign Language
Essay title: History of Sign Language
American sign language has been a very important part of my life. When started high school I was so excited there was so many things that I wanted to try. When it came time to pick a language to take I pick sign language, everyone said that was stupid because no one uses that, but I thought its something different and I wanted to learn more.

The first week of sign language I dont even have the words for it. One of the projects we had to do was we had to experience what being deaf was like, we all had to wear plugs in our ears for the whole days, I know a lot of people didnt but I did we couldnt talk or anything it was so hard, when I got home I cried because I know how deaf people must feel like when they cannot

get their point across.
I worked so hard in sign language I tried to do everything that I could to be

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