Hip-Hop In America
Essay Preview: Hip-Hop In America
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Hip-Hop vs. America
Over the past few years many celebrity figures in the Hip-Hop community have used their star power to speak out against particular government actions. Artists today in the Hip-Hop community mainly come many different backgrounds, whether it’s growing up in a bad neighborhood, being shot or shot at or not having much while growing up. Artists take these real life situations and turn it into their music. Most artists see it is as a way to express what they feel or how they made their change. I personally don’t condone the way artists portray themselves in their music or music videos. However I believe that Hip-Hop artists have made a positive impression on America within the last few years

In 2004 during the last election, a celebrity used his fame to help gain the support of the young adults in America. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, the owner of Bad Boy Records, started the “Vote or Die” campaign. The campaign drew a lot of attention in America at the time. Other celebrities and political figures helped participate in the campaign, some names such as Russell Simmons, Paris Hilton, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, Ben Affleck, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. The campaign consisted of at least 42 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 30. As the Election went on with the support of the “Vote or Die” campaign youth ballots rose 4.6 million votes from the 2000 elections.

Hip-Hop artists have displayed how they don’t like to see others struggle by giving back to the community mainly where they came from. Rapper and CEO of Rocafella Records Jay-Z gave back to his community in a big way. Jay-Z who’s real name is Shawn Carter created the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund in 2003. The scholarship pays college tuition for deserving high school students in the Marcy area of New York City. Following the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina America was informed about the conditions the state of Louisiana was in. Artists began helping support the people in need with generosity and money out of their own pockets. Thousands of dollars in donations were made to the people of Louisiana. With the celebrity support came the music. Songs were being produced expressing how the people were suffering, dying horrible deaths, and living on nothing.

The Hip-Hop community has also been behind the fight against AIDS in America. From the “Wrap it up” commercials on television to their music, they have tried to help the cause. It’s not only the Hip-Hop artists trying to fight the AIDS battle, but its many other celebrities as well. Bono created the RED project to raise funds for the AIDS battle in Africa. It quickly caught global attention. Kanye West teamed up with Sprint to advertise the RED Razar cell phone. Buying this phone automatically made a donation to the AIDS charity. The RED Ipod nano is also being sold to support the cause.

Recently on BET a debate was held between several Hip-Hop artists, such as Nelly and T.I. with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson who are well known political figures in the black community. It was a heated discussion concerning actions

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