How We Lie
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Lying is a part of life for each and every person on the planet. We do it everyday wethere we know it or not. Grown adults do it more than childern do , people lie to save drama or to keep everyone happy.That person who sits in the front row in chearch may say she lives life by the \” book\” and knows but she could be the main one in the town messing up. I believe if the Government told the truth about what goes on the US an the world we would all be at home with arsonals of wepons and everyday society wouldn\ be the same. To me lie dectores are not as helpful

as DNA testing. Some culturtes of the world don\ look each other in the eye just because thats there custom. In the reading , the pollygrapher accused the the Asian man for lying about his views on capital punishment and end the end the guy was telling the truth. He wasn\ sweeting because he was nervous but because the lights where beeming on him and he started persperating and in his culture they just don\ look people in the eye. All hightech lie dectores do is test the physical emotions of the body such as heart rate , and breathing patterens. That happens to my mom every time she gets on a plane these days or it happends when a person gives a speech. Listeners don\ think the speech giver is lying through his speech when they notice the persperation or hear the tones of his voice change , they juist know he\s nervous.

Some people should be screened before they aere put in that chair , even crimanals. If someone as a history of being mentaly unstable then I don\ thinks its a good idea. I do believe if the pollygraph is good enough to test government workers then it should be good enogh to use in court under the right conditions. I do agree that most people are bad lyers and that most people are not that good trying to spot a liar. The article

says the clues are all over the face if someone lies. My parents through me a surprise
birthday party last weekend for my 20th and I couldn\ tell mom was lying
to me when I told her I didn\ want anything special for my birthday and she agreed. Her facial fetures looked the same to me when she told me that she wans\ going to do anything but she did. OJ Simpson took a pollygraph test and the test results were inconclusive

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