Entry Requirement – Operating Department Practitioners
Essay Preview: Entry Requirement – Operating Department Practitioners
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Entry Requirements
Course Specific Requirements
English, Welsh and Northern Irish Qualifications
Scottish Qualifications
Other Tariff Qualifications
Access & Supporting Qualifications
Other Qualifications
About this course
What is it about?
Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) are a vital part of the team involved in the delivery of care and supporting patients during medical interventions within the operating theatre. ODPs provide high standards of patient care alongside medical and nursing colleagues during the anaesthetic, surgical and recovery phases of preoperative care. ODPs must have the core clinical skills and specialist knowledge in order to provide care to patients during the maintenance and potential restoration of both physical and psychological status of the patient.

What will I learn?
Year 1 (Level 4)
1. Basic Science
2. Basic Anatomy and Physiology
3. Patient Care Concepts of Operating Department Practice
4. Infection Control
5. Principles of Surgery
6. Principles of Anaesthetics
Year 2 (Level 5)
1. Skills for Critical Appraisal
2. Exploring Leadership
3. Enhancing Practice in Anaesthetics
4. Enhancing Practice in Surgery
5. Enhancing Practice in Recovery
6. Option module
What will I get out of it?
Standards of proficiency and of education in Operating Department Practice in order to meet NMC requirements for entry onto professional register.
– Effective communication skills
– Effective team working skills
– Problem solving
– Information technology
– Lifelong learning.
Career progression
Having successfully completed the DipHE, students will be eligible to apply for registration with the Health Professionals

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