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When we want to perform excellently, get promotion, communicate effectively with people in an organization, having a high sense of political skill will be one of the key elements to bring you toward success. And here is my experiences in the way of developing this skill including both good and bad result.

In acquiring the political skill, firstly we need to have the ability to comprehend what is going on around us and being able to observe others correctly. For me, I always try to prepare myself to think in other persons perspective in any situations. In this way, I think we could make the right decision for both of the people instead of choosing the option which is only the best for ourself. In addition to this, I observe the facial expression of people and also try to get the meanings behind that.

Next, we also need to develop the style that is pleasing to others. For Japanese, we consider respectiveness to others as the most important thing. I respect not only my parents, friends, professors but also people younger and older than me and strangers as well by using respective sentences and bowing for example. I think in doing so, we could have a pleasant relationship between people.

Thirdly, networking skill also plays the important roll in developing the political behavior. I am really a outgoing person and like to make many friends with different backgrounds. However I am not really good at communicating well with people older than me. This is one of the weak points of me. I think it is because we dont really have the topics of the conversation which can be improved by reading books, learning, and know more about the news happening nowadays so that I will be able to have a better relationships with them and also wider networks as well.

Finally, the ability to convey the impression of sincerity will be the key points as well. For example people make promises but sometimes they forget about it. Also I was late for

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