Why All High Schoolers Should Play a Sport
Why All High Schoolers Should Play a Sport
Why All High Schoolers Should Play A Sport
Every teenager has a sport that fits him or her and his or her personality. For instance, if a teen were the quiet, not so active type, than maybe golf would be a good sport for him or her. If there is an active, competitive, and more talkative teen, than basketball may be the perfect sport. Any sport betters anyone in or out of high school physically and most of the time mentally. Playing a high school sport betters teens all around inside and out.

Sports keep teens well behaved at school and in class. Sports reduce the number of fights, and bad classroom behavior. In order to play any sport in high school, the students must make good grades. If they fail to make the grades, then they are either dismissed from the team, or they must take a study hall before each practice for at least 30 minutes, sometimes even for the whole day until his or her grade comes up to a passing grade. In most high schools, there are problems with attendance from the students. If a player does not come to school, then they may not go to practice or attend the game that day. In almost every organized high school sport, if a student is absent so many days from school or practice, than they will not be able to be on the team. With this being enforced, many teens will attend school more than usual. If students are tardy so many times in school, then they are disciplined. The first action will be after school detention, which cuts into practice and/or game time. The second offense is in school suspension, which means that the player is not able to practice at all that day, or cannot participate in the game. Therefore, playing a sport decreases the tardiness rate. Playing a varsity sport improves the chances of getting scholarships to college. Some teens that do not have the straight A’s or the 4.0 to get into the college of their dreams may have a chance by playing sports. Recruiters are always looking for good athletes on their sports teams and are willing to pay for school. By receiving a scholarship from a college, most of the time, they will pay for most of the athletes’ tuition and fees for college, sometimes they even pay for all of it for all four years and all the student has to do is play the sport/sports that they recruited them for. If the student receives a scholarship to a good school, and the teen achieves well in college in the subjects that they are studying for their future, then they will earn a/some degree(s). This means that better job opportunities will open up for them when they are out of college.

High school is a hard place to “fit in” with the popular kids or any group of people. By playing sports, it is easy to make great, life-long friends. On the team, the first friends teens will make are, well their teammates. When they begin to hang with them, then they will meet some of their teammates friends and so on and so on. Confidence is hard to have in high school as well. Playing a sport definitely boosts confidence. Teens will have confidence in talking to other teens, gives them confidence in playing other sports, and a lot of confidence

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